Happy Saturday!

Wishing you a bright, blessed, and beautiful fall Saturday! I hope you are enjoying the day.

Fall Has Arrived

It’s finally feeling like fall around here. The trees are changing and the temperatures are cooler. It’s been great for walks, porch sitting in the evening with a cup of coffee, and just being outside.

The boys have really enjoyed being outside and exploring. Even our old man Baxter who is 14 now and having trouble waking at times wants to be out exploring a much as he’s able.

Chase as always is right with me or not to far away exploring and having fun. They really love this time of year.

It’s also the time of year I break out my soup recipes and try new ones. I just made my kale and potato soup (you can find it under Recipes on my blog). I’m anxious to try more soups and will probably be making a pot or two of some soup or stew for the rest of the fall and winter. If you have any recommendations for soups I should try leave them in the comments below.

Happy Fall Ya’ll! 🍁

Growing and Changing Spaces

Our baby chick’s are officially out in the coop with the big girls. They have their own space in the coop and are protected from the big girls,  but can see, hear,  and somewhat interact with each other.

Before the big move the coop was cleaned and the babies spent some more time outside. 

This was the closest the babies have been to the big girls and the big girls are were quite interested in the babies.

They would come over investigate and some like this one would hang around a while.

She seemed the most interested in getting to know these new chick’s. She came back time after time and if she herd them chirping too much she would run over.

The babies seemed comfortable and interested in the big girls as well, so hopefully this will mean another smooth transition when they are finally together with no barriers. Any of you have any baby chick’s getting big fast on you?

French Fries Hash

I know sounds weird right?? This morning I didn’t know what I wanted to make for a Sunday breakfast. Hubby had a can of corned beef and I had some left over fries from dinner Friday and this dish was born. I rarely have left over fries, but I did today. Actually you could use any left over potatoes, but let’s stick with the fries for now.

You’ll need 1 can of corned beef and left over fries… that’s it. Cut the fries up into pieces into the corned beef. It’s not pretty but just stick with me the taste is yummy.

Cook on medium high heat until the corned beef starts to develop brown bits and some of the fries get color on them. I keep an eye on it and keep scraping up the brown bits off the bottom as it cooks. Plate with some cheesy eggs and you’ve got a great breakfast.

The hash has crispy and soft bits and the taste is delicious. (Note don’t use the already pre mixed corned beef hash that already has potatoes and spices in it, just use the can of corned beef in the canned meat section.)

So the next time you are tempted to throw out those left over fries… don’t… save them for breakfast… the family will love it!

Pan Pizza

Have you ever cooked your pizza in a cast iron skillet? I had a couple times in the past, but was also using my pizza stone. But no more… I made my homemade crust and topped it with goodies a couple days ago and got the best almost deep dish pizza…

It was thick and crunchy on the outside and soft in the inside.

Topped with two kinds of pepperoni, onion, peppers, and lots of cheese… yummmmy.

Served with a salad it was the perfect meal. Try your pizza this way you’ll love it.

Guess what I got???

If you guessed baby chick’s… your correct!

I got 3 new breads… two are Heritage breads and I haven’t had them before so I’m excited to see these grow.

So we got Black Sex-Link’s, Dominique’s, and Welsummer’s. The Sex-Links are a mix of Rhode Island Reds and a Barred Rock. The Dominique’s are a heritage breed that is America’s oldest breed. The Welsummer’s are a Dutch breed. I’m excited for them all.

It’s been a rough year which is why I haven’t posted as much. When I say rough that’s an understatement. So I needed something to look forward to and that’s a positive and this was it. Also our older girls aren’t laying as much anymore and going into baking season I need my eggs.

I’m going to try to be good to update you as these girls grow. I’m sure there will be some cute moments. I hope you’ll follow along.

4th Weekend

Happy start to this 4th of July weekend. Hope you all have Monday off if your in the US and can enjoy time with family

Let’s also take some time to remember the real reason for this holiday and all the men and women who have defended our freedoms since. Have a blessed weekend!

To become a coffee person…

I’ve never been a coffee drinker. My parents never drank it growing up and I never had much exposure to trying it. When I did it wasn’t for me. But I’ve always enjoyed the smell of coffee. How each kind of coffee has the basic same base but the aromas are different. My husband has always been a coffee drinker. He’s the first person I can remember that drinks a cup (or sometimes two) pretty much daily. I’ve always tried the coffees he has, but never liked them.

That all changed a couple months ago. For some reason an iced coffee he got made me want to try to figure out how to make a good cup of sugar free ice coffee. I’m not a big sweet person and try to avoid sugar in any form a much as I can. But sometimes I give in and have something especially since I’ve been more tired then normal. So after much trial I have a homemade version I like. I found a sugar free caramel flavoring and use some half and half. I have a couple mild coffees that aren’t too strong so I use those. Now I make a small pitcher of the coffee, flavoring, and half and half and drink it a couple times a week.

My favorite place to have a glass is on the front porch with the boys, watching the word go by… well what little I see from the front porch. If I have a good book or vlog to keep me company all the better. I love it in my Mason jar with a little ice, pretty lid, and straw. Any of you ice coffee drinker? Any tips or ideas for a good ice coffee?

The Trees…

I thought I would share with you some of the trees that are blooming in our yard now. The road we live on has a few beautiful trees on it, but people always seem to stop out from our house and take pictures of our trees every year.

Our fullest tree is this cherry blossom… we love the color and abundance of the blossoms.

Next is our red bud tree. It got struck by lightening a few years ago that split it so we’ve been trying to save it ever since. Our neighbors tell us when they come by they are glad we are trying as they love this tree. It’s not as full of blossoms as it used to be, but there are new limbs and flowers coming out this year.

Our Japanese Maple is a favorite as well. At certain points in the season it’s so bright red it almost looks on fire.

We also have two Dogwood trees that are so pretty when they bloom. A storm this winter with really bad wind destroyed both of them. One so much we thought we might loose it all together. But it’s blooming so hopefully it will heal and grow back more.

We have more trees on the property but the ones in the front are my favorite and I think the prettiest. Do you have a favorite tree this time of year?

A good day to drive…

We love to take Saturday drives. We sometimes only go a little ways away and other times we go a few hours away. We find a new town we like to visit now about an hour from our house.

The boys love to ride with us and we always find a park to walk them in. Chase loves to ride like the picture above. He just is so content to sit there and watch things go by. Such a sweetie. Love both the our boys. Hope your having a content Saturday.

A Day to Be Greatful

It was a beautiful day here for Thanksgiving… a very nice fall day. I hope whoever you are out there reading this that you got a beautiful day too.

We started the day off with a really good crandberry breakfast cake and hashbrown casaroll.

After watching the parade my mom, the boys, and I watched hubby and my step dad from the porch deep fry our turkey. We had already made the sides yesterday so they just needed to be warmed up today.

After lunch we took a walk and in a bit we will have dessert… chocolate and pumpkin pie. Tonight we plan to do a bonfire. What a great day to reflect on all the blessings the Lord has given us. I hope you feel blessed today and find what you are greatful for.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Remember or learn about it…20 yrs later

Image result for free 9-11 pics

I can remember where I was and what the days, weeks, and months were like after. I still have an emotional reaction when I really think about this time. I pray for these families that were forever affected. Its sad to me so many kids and young people I talk to today don’t know what this day is, or what happened, and are so disconnected to how these events affected our country. This isn’t taught in our schools in so many places and there is a disconnect with those of us who experienced it and those who did not. I hope that those of us who did go through this can be an encouragement for those who did not to learn about this day, how it affected out country and the people of this country, and be respectful of those who gave their lives on this day and the days following to prevent further attacks, rescue those in danger, and protect our country. So for those who gave their life in any form to protect, rescue, or support… from my family to yours thank you! We remember!