So I was bringing my husband home from the doctor… he is sick, very sick. He has a blood disorder that causes him to get more sick than most of us would with the flu.

Anyways… I was driving down a back road and heard my back window open and saw Chase, our smallest dog, stick his nose out of the window. It’s common for us to put the windows down for him, but my husband was asleep and I hadn’t done it. Then I saw the window go down more and my husband stirred. I asked him if he had put the window down for Chase and he said he hadn’t. Hummmmm…

I finally figured it out, Chase has learned a new trick… how to put down the window for himself. Luckey he hadn’t put it down any further then we would and he was happy smelling the air. When my husband and I figured out what he had done we spent about 10 minutes laughing and being amazed. He just looked at us like we were crazy. It amazes me every day how smart dogs are. It shows me even more you don’t have to have a pure bred pup to have a smart dog.

I guess we will have to use the child safety locks from now on, especially when we are on the main roads.

After we put the window up he was sad...

2 Comments on “New trick…

  1. Ha! What an amazing “new trick!” 🙂 That’s so funny, that your dog figured out how to open the window. I agree — dogs are very smart. But it’s still amusing to hear stories like this. What a sweetie!

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