I have been so busy since coming back from vacation. Today we spent most of the day building a new nesting place for our chickens (I’ll try to get a picture when we are done). Their old one is getting too small and since the new birds have started laying they need more room. We are extending their old coop to give them more laying boxes.

It also made me reflect on how these girls were just babies a few months ago and how much they have grown…

When they were a few weeks old...

When we got them they could fit in the palm of my hand (see above).

And now I am lucky to get them under an arm…

4 of the girls now...

But now you can see personalities come out… who is dominate, who is the runt, and who likes what. It is neat to watch them and I am loving the fresh eggs. Yumm…

Tomorrow the coop gets painted on the outside and the girls can enjoy their new laying boxes.

4 Comments on “A new coop…

  1. OMG!!! They were such cute fuzzies! AWWW!!! I remember when my bunny was a baby, now she’s bigger but in a way looks the same. Rabbits apparently don’t change as drastically as birds 🙂

    • I had rabbits as a kid, I know what you mean. I also can not believe at times that my hens use to be those cute little baby chicks. Its amazing how quick they grow.

  2. Hej from Sweden !
    Oh my goodness ! How cute are they?!?!? I want chicks!!!! We got our hen when they were young but not so young. I would love to have them and watch them grow. What an experience that must be. Oh well I can’t have everything; I have new born goat babies and watch them grow, and grow. Then the best thing of all is to actually have generations in my stable.
    If your girls were still tiny and fluffy , I would say give them a kiss from me here in Sweden!

    • They are not so little anymore, but I will still pass along that kiss 🙂 It was a great experience raising them from babies and I can’t wait to do it again 🙂

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