Baxter and one of "The Girls"

I am not really sure what our dogs first thought when the chickens were relocated to their yard home and were running around in the same space our pups spend time. Chase didn’t know if he should chase them, play with them, or run from them when they tried to peck him. Baxter on the other hand could care less he just wanted to get ahold of the ‘little treats’ they left around the yard. There is now a calm harmony developed in our yard, as the dogs and chickens just go about their business and mostly ignore each other. It’s funny to watch this scene and as long as they keep to themselves it is a happy yard. With the last few days being rainy and colder it has been hard to finish the coop and not get the boards and paint dry. Hopefully we will by this weekend to give our girls more space to lay.

I won’t be on tomorrow as I have a conference to go to, but will be back Friday. Happy Thursday!

4 Comments on “Dogs and chickens…

  1. I believe that one of the best ways to loosen up and laugh is just to sit back and watch chickens run. They’re so funny! 🙂

    PS I am jealous of your dogs. Mine ate our chickens, and had to go away. 😦

    • I’m sorry about your dogs… at first I was worried too, but we got lucky. I agree when you need a good laugh watch chickens. Thanks for the comment. 🙂

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