I was cleaning our house today when I saw a funny sight…

The chickens running in the yard in the rain…but not just running they seemed to be trying to dodge the raindrops, but then would stop and look up like they had been defeated. They would then give up and act as if it wasn’t raining at all pecking the ground. For some of them this was their first rainy day experience. If you have ever seen a chicken in the rain you know what I am talking about. I didn’t have a chance to get pictures, but will try tomorrow as it is still supposed to be raining. I thought I would just share this as it tickled me and gave me a good belly laugh while I was busy with things that needed to get done.

I got this one the other day before it rained. I think she is cute 🙂


4 Comments on “Chickens and the rain…

  1. I recently got myself 3 chickens and on about their 4th day “home” it rained. They were quite civilised and walked quickly under cover – all the while pretending that’s exactly where they had planned to be all the time. When the rain didn’t stop they eventually broke down and went out again, but within 5 minutes they ran back into their coop and ruffled their feathers. I wonder if over time they’ll get used to what nature has on offer.

    • Our chickens have seemed to get use to the rain. They even seem to like it. I think your’s will get use to it too. Thanks for stopping by and for the comment. 🙂

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