Today started out cold…

Then it rained…

Then it got really nice…

After it got nice outside my husband and I finally finished the new laying house for the girls it is now installed and safe (I forgot to take pictures, I will try to later). I then took some time taking pictures around the property. Here is what I found…

In the back yard our cherry tree was flowering…

Cherry tree flowers

The front yard was full of other pretty trees…

Front yard tree’s flowers
I think this is our pear tree
I forgot what this bush/tree is called, I just love the yellow flowers. Does anyone know what it is called?
Dogwood tree flowers


I then found more tulips and daffodils were blooming…









Red Tulip in our yard (I put a pink one under my photos menu)













The funny part of the day is the squirrel who is my husbands arch nemesis came out to tease my husband once again…

My husband keeps chasing him off and he comes back. I try to tell my husband it is useless to chase him, but the scene happens again and again… quite to my amusement 🙂

What are your favorite trees in your yard?



4 Comments on “Save the Trees… (and my bird feeders)

  1. The yellow flowered bush is a forsythia. You can grow them so they can form caves underneath. I remember playing under the ones at my parents when I was a little girl. They’re neat plants!

    • Thank you for the information I really apperciate it. I will have to look into how to make it into a cave for kids 🙂

  2. I love dogwoods… good thing that I live in Virginia, huh? We planted a pink dogwood about 2 weeks before the hurricane last year. We were very happy that it managed to make it through and looks like it may be flowering this year.
    I also giggled a bit about the squirrel. I love squirrels and instead of bird feeders we had squirrel feeders at our old house. Our new house does not have any big trees, so no squirrels to feed. 😦

    • Hello Virginia 🙂 I am glad your dogwoods survived. I also love them. I think our bird feeders are squirrel feeders now too 😉 Thanks for the comment. 🙂

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