So I thought I would talk today about encouraging a unique view to life. We are all different and have different views, likes, dislikes, wants, needs, etc.I thought with the weekend coming up we could all think of something unique to do that would be out of the ordinary from what we usually do or what someone else would usually do. This weekend I am watching my friends children (the one is the adorable child I featured a couple of days ago). Since they don’t live here and are moving close soon while their mom and dad house search the kiddos and I will play. Speaking of unique things to do… I thought I would share my view on some flowers I have found and wanted a unique view on… I hope you enjoy 🙂





















I also think seeing things from a different view can help us and our children learn that if you look below the surface of things there is beauty. Is there something you learned by taking a different view on it? If so please share. Have a beautiful weekend no matter what you do 🙂

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