Kids, Dogs, chickens, Birds, and exhaustion…

I spent the day watching my friends kids ages 2 and 7 months. For the purpose of this post we will call the 2-year-old little girl “L” and the 7 months old boy “M”. I was watching them so their mom and dad could get some things done. We started out the day collecting eggs (“L” then spent the day telling anyone who would listen “we got 5 eggs then I broke one, but it was an accident so it’s ok”).










Then we had play time inside and a little outside with the chickens until it got too cold and “M” got sleepy. “L” decided she would sit with Chase and keep him company while she waited for “M” to wake up.













He was having a nice nap untill Baxter and Chase decided to protect the house from a man running by and their barking woke him up. “L” and I were making a craft and “M” joined us untill we were though trying to eat all the craft material “L” was trying to use. We had some lunch and then “L” decided it was her nap time. It took a little while for her to go to sleep, but “M” was out like a light. I used this time to do laundry and clean the mirrors in the house.

The little spot of blue is "M" curled up asleep at his sisters feet (he had plenty of room it just doesn't look like it from this angle)









After a 3 hour nap for “M” and closer to a 2 hour nap for “L” my husband was home from work. When the kids woke up my husband let “L” help him fill the bird feeders and feed the chickens.










We then spent some time outside enjoying the sun that finally decided to come out and then it was inside to start dinner. “L” loves to help in the kitchen and is actually good for a 2-year-old.







Then their mom and dad came by for dinner (they brought the main course for dinner) and took “L” and “M” home.

It’s kind of quiet around the house without them here now. It makes me think of the day when my husband and I will be blessed with kids and wishful for these quiet nights… the only sounds are the frogs, crickets, dogs snoring, and the TV in the background. I know I will sleep well tonight.

I hope you all had as good of a day as I did and got a lot done. Anything special happen in your life today? I wish you all many blessings in the coming week.

Barn of the day and this day…


Another barn we found on our trip… I am currently with the kiddos I am watching for my friend and will post more on the adventures of the kiddos and dogs later. The chickens are in the yard and we have a couple more chickens laying now. The eggs are delicious 🙂