Yesterday I found a new color tulip in our yard. I don’t remember it in the past and I had not seen it yet this year. This yellow tulip was growing on the side of the house that gets the least sun in the day, but I tried to wait untill it had some sun before I took this.







I then noticed the pink tulip I have in the front flower bed was starting to open.










I thought it was just neat the way flowers grow and bloom. And that pink tulip was just beautiful with the white on the bottom, pink on top, and the slightly open flower. The cherry tree also had some more blooms and the light made the flowers pretty shinning though it (I don’t think I did it justice).







I also enjoyed the way the light was hitting our wood pile.







The chickens are out and about today in the yard and the dogs are in the chair with me as I write this as I think they need some love this morning. It’s cloudy and chilly this morning. I hope it warms up and the sun comes out as the yard needs to be mowed and I want to plant some onion bulbs. I am off to do Sunday chores inside until my husband gets home from work. Have a blessed sunday 🙂

6 Comments on “Light, flowers, and such

  1. Hej from Sweden !

    I am so jealous ! Our tulips are trying to bloom but the temperatures keep dropping. We had snow yesterday and today. We uncovered the pond and this morning our fish had ice on the surface. Swedish Spring. Usually 1 day !! If you blink, you can easily miss it !!

    • I hope your tulips make you smile soon. I remembr where my parents use to have their property there is a pond and I remeber the ice on the surface like that.

  2. Hello from the channel isles near France…the tulip colours are gorgeous and you appear to be a little further along in your spring.

    • Spring did seem to come a little early this year. I hope your’s comes along soon. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you come back. 🙂

  3. Hello from Williamsburg! I grew up a on a farm but long past it now. Enjoy every day! Love your photos!

    • My mom lives near there in Norfofolk. When I was a child we went to Williamsburg almost every weekend. I learned to ride my bike there. I am so glad you stopped by and commented 🙂

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