Happy Thursday 🙂 How has your week been? I wanted to say Hi to my new followers and thank you all for following and visiting my posts. I was not sure when I started my blog a couple of months ago if I would even get one follower or if anyone would be interested in what I had to say. I am happy to have found so many fellow bloggers with the same interests and ideas as I have had. So again thank you…

In our recent travels and drives I had noticed more and more buildings are using art as a way to draw attention or dress up their walls. I have seen some really cool art and thought I would share some today. Some of these places are near us in Virginia and other I have found in Maryland and even on our trip to Nebraska. I always wonder who the artist’s are as I usually look for names on the walls, but have had no success in finding any. Have a happy Thursday 🙂












Have a "sunshine day"...
(Can you guess what January 26, 1973 show made this song popular)



4 Comments on “Wall art…

  1. What beautiful wall art! I live in Maryland and can attest that there’s so much beautiful artwork around town 🙂

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