It was another beautiful, but windy day here in our area.







The wind would blow so hard at times you thought you would fall over and then it would stop for a while.

Don't know if you can see the leaves blowing in this picture, but we lost many due to the wind the last couple of days.









The dogs enjoyed time in the yard while I worked in the garden a little.



I put my little pots with seeds out to get some sun and watered them to keep them from blowing away.

The chickens were also enjoying finding things in my flower beds.

It was a good day after Easter. I think I need a nap… I guess it’s too late for that… Thanks to all my new followers I appreciate the support and comments 🙂

10 Comments on “Windy day business…

    • Don’t you just love clouds they are so neat to watch, so glad you also like to photograph them. Your pup is cute, what bread is he?

      • I have never heard of a blue tick healer had to google it. Very interesting. I think mine has lab or staffie blood in him. I prefer mixed breed dogs I think they are more intelligent.

      • I agree and they have less health issues… I love to adopt from shelters as I have always had good dog from them.

      • Professionally bred dogs always have health issues you are so right there. We had a boxer which had a mental problem – we had to find a new home for it because it would attack us.

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