Look what my husband brought home…

You will never guess what my husband brought home from the yard sale’s this weekend… We have never spent this much at a yard sale before…

Are you ready for this?

Three Farmall Tractors...










It appears he got a good deal and he and my Dad had decided to use them as projects they can do together. Any one want to buy a tractor??? They all run and start. The smallest is a Farmall Cub and has a woods mower on the bottom. We spent the afternoon mowing the back yard with the Cub, I am pretty sure my hubby and Dad want to keep this one.













The dogs had a grand day as they got to ride to help us pick them up. The Farmall H (the biggest one) I had to drive back home from the guy hubby bought them from, while my Dad brought the other two home on a trailer I loaded them on to. The dogs ran all around the yard and made themselves tired.













So after Chase took a rest he spotted something and took off after it…

A fox in the field...








I didn’t know if I should call him back or let him give that fox a message our hens are not for his dinner…

At this time our chickens were enjoying a nice snack of grain in their coop oblivious of their protector Chase going after that fox...













We got him back, but not until after he had scared the fox off…

The sun set just as we got done with things and it was another beautiful one 🙂








Hope y’all had a great weekend. Have a blessed week 🙂

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Angie Jenkins
    Apr 15, 2012 @ 22:35:06

    LOL!!! I love it!! Very happy to know you, sister!!


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