It’s shaping up to be the first HOT day of the year.







The chickens are getting ready by keeping hydrated…







The dogs are enjoying what is left of the cool grass…

Baxter in the grass, my dad in the background behind one of the new (well old) tractors.









My husband and I are off to run errands. I thought I would leave you today with a couple of pictures of the tractors my husband bought over the weekend (see yesterdays post…d-brought-home/).

19 Comments on “Shaping up…

  1. It looks like you have a real nice place there. I am glad you are keeping Uncle Kenny busy. I love the tractors!

    • Thanks… we love what we have here. We try to keep dad busy, it isn’t always easy. We love our yard sale tractor finds too.

      • Philippines! But I work in Australia. For now I’m home on holiday. 😉

      • Oh ok cool… My husband and I have talked about going to Australia… what part do you live in?

      • Adelaide, South Aus but I’m hopefully moving to Melbourne after my holidays. Hit me up when you’re coming! 😉

      • Nope. Haven’t been there but hopefully within the year or next. My friend is getting married but she’ll be in Arizona!

      • I hope I can come and there and meet Chase and Baxter! 🙂 I’ll be sure to let you let know should I ever be in the States! crossing my fingers)

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