Today was a rainy day… I was cold…The mountains were covered with fog and rain… it was a pretty site. I didn’t have my camera as it was charging at home, but I go this shot with my hubby’s phone.


I call this rainy mountain window


It didn’t seem to bother the chickens…

We had to return the work rags I washed for an elderly couple we help out and got asked now to come over once a month to help the wife clean house as she has such bad back pain she is having a hard time keeping up. We then took a drive and got dinner. Over all not a bad rainy day… It makes me wonder what other people’s favorite rainy day activity’s are? Are you a rainy day reader, a traveler, a puddle jumper, a rainy day baker?? Let me know 🙂

2 Comments on “Singing in the rain…

  1. So glad I ran across your blog. Your pictures are adorable. My favorite rainy day activity is to read and sleep, but with 2 little ones that doesn’t happen

    • Thanks for the reply… I also like to read on a rainy day and I know what you mean about not getting sleep, my dogs wont allow it 😉

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