After work today my husband and father decided it was time to get all the tractors running right since it is supposed to rain all weekend. This included a new battery for one, oil, and other types of tune up things. So the tractors where line up for inspection of what they would need (including my Dad’s old Ford tractor)…







Most just need to be run a little and driven, the Farmall C needed the battery, and a couple of the others need an oil change.

The dogs spent their afternoon exploring and running in the fields behind our house.

Baxter having a good run

Chase explores one of the tractors


The chickens spent time exploring more of the yard and eating some treats we put out for them.

I think it is so funny when "the girls" have their tails up in the air...

It’s been such a busy day this post will be short, but it is big on happy blessed weekend wishes for you all!

8 Comments on “Fabulous Friday

  1. Great “tails up” photo of your ladies. I always imagine that the hens are chatting with each other as they walk along like that.

    • I know I think it is so cool. I always wonder what they are saying (like “this lady with the camer taking pictures of our tails is crazy” )Thanks for coming by.

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