The weather man says this rain is supposed to break tomorrow… thank goodness… it is WET here. The chickens have been kept in their run until this afternoon when it went from torrential down pour to light sprinkles. They are happy to be out.







Chase has a vet appointment today to get him a booster on his rabies since he went after that fox. Right now he and Baxter are bugging me to play with them so I best get to that.







I thought I would leave you this fine rainy day with some more photos of my festival adventures from Saturday. Happy Monday 🙂


The festival crowd...


Face pottery


8 Comments on “Whats a girl to do?

    • Ya they are happy and the rain is not bothering them too much… I see them run into the coop every little bit to get dry then come back out. Its just the wind and rain together I don’t want the wind to push them into something an hurt them. I just don’t want them to get sick from the wet and cold (I herd it can happen).

  1. Nice pics! A couple of them made me smile. Thanks for sharing.

    Pastor Dodd

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