Chase and Baxter

It’s the start to a new week. I thought I would share this photo with you from our hike yesterday. The boys told me they wanted to go back today, but the weather is not cooperating.

The sun came out briefly and the chickens were ready to use this to their full advantage. (Sorry I think the chicken tail pictures are funny and cute 😉 ) We had some visitors yesterday, my friend and her two kids, who came to see the dogs and chickens. The kids had never seen chickens like this before and my poor girls paid for this as they were getting picked up, petted, and taken back to their coop a lot. I had to explain to the kids to be careful and that the chickens wouldn’t lay again even if they were placed back in their coop. The girls survived and got lots of good treats today for being so good.

While they were here though part of the coop was messed up so it needs a little repair today. So Hubby and I are off to complete this task before dinner… tonight is spaghetti and meatballs… I make the sauce and meatballs from scratch.

Quiz for the day… Who sang the song in my title?

28 Comments on “Monday… Monday… So good to me…

  1. Now I’m hungry. 😀 I knew Sesame Street but this one got me. Glad the chickens had fun. Got to keep the ladies happy.

  2. Yay, I got the song correct! I can appreciate chicken tails, they’re just so fluffy and soft looking! LOL Love the pics of your doggies too!

  3. I take sooooo many pictures of my chickens’ butt feathers. Gosh, that sounds silly, but I just think they’re adorable!

  4. Love the story about the kids and the girls. I also think the chicken bums are adorable and perfectly “chicken-y”

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