Weed and Feed

It was a nicer day today… less humidity and a great evening to get out in the garden to pull weeds. The vegetable plants are growing like crazy and I am happy to see them get bigger and not die 🙂 I wanted to get all the weeds away from my growing plants so they can keep growing and not fight for the nutrients. The dogs were running around like crazy while I was weeding and then took a rest on the porch.

The ladies enjoyed some snacks tonight of watermelon, cracked corn, and strawberry tops. The neighbor came over to tell us a couple of our “ladies” got out and he put them back yesterday. We have a couple that like to try to explore outside of the safety of the fence. They also enjoyed my weeding of the garden as they could eat what I pulled out.

I had to work overtime today, but when I got home I remembered why I love to live with some land, chickens, my garden, my pups, and my loving hubby. It’s Thursday tomorrow, which means only two more days of work before I am off. I have a busy next couple of weekends ahead of me, so I am glad I had a relaxing Memorial Day weekend to prepare. I hope you all have a great rest of the week 🙂

10 Things About Memorial Day

Memorial Day weekend has come and gone too quickly so I thought I would share the top ten things I enjoyed about it (still sticking to the ten things Tuesday theme 🙂 )

1. Celebrating the brave men and women who fight for freedom.

2. The walk with the dogs on Sunday with my friend and her dogs.

3. The food I cooked up and my hubby BBQ’ed.

Mondays dinner BBQ ribs, hotdogs with many topping options, potato salad, baked beans, and watermelon

4. The red, white, and blue desert.

5. The time to relax and sleep a little without having to feel guilty.

6. Time to catch up on my pile of magazines.

7. Bird watching.

8. Taking photos.

9. Sitting on the front porch with an ice-cold glass of tea.

10. Getting to share it with you my fellow bloggers 🙂

Hope you had a great Memorial Day long weekend and if you are outside of the USA and didn’t get the 3 days off I hope you had a nice 2- day weekend 🙂

The Red, White, and Blue

Today, Memorial Day, we celebrate those who have fought and are currently fighting and gave their lives for the USA 🙂 It’s a day to be grateful and thank those brave men and women who put their lives on the line to fight for our freedom… Baxter and Chase did a special salute to the service men and women this morning and if any service person is reading this my family says THANK YOU 🙂

Thank you service men and women for serving this country founded on One Nation Under God.

My families prayers are with you and your families daily… Blessings 🙂

Watermelon Chicken

Today was a good day once my migraine went away. I went this morning for a hike with my friend, her dogs, and my dogs. We went along a trail that follows this good size stream that ends in a waterfall. The dogs had a great time and it helped Chase get a little more confident in the water as my friends dog’s love to swim. Baxter in his usual style would only put his paws in and drink and had no other interest. Chase eventually worked up to getting almost fully covered, but never got up the nerve to swim. Maybe after a few more times with his swimming buddies he will try it out. The water is pretty calm so it will be a good place for him to try it out. I forgot to take my camera… I will try to remember next time.

The chickens got a good treat after dinner tonight….

For dinner we had BBQ Chicken on a stick, grilled tomatoes, grilled asparagus, coleslaw, and watermelon. The chickens enjoyed the rinds, fighting over them, it was funny. The pups got some of the chicken scraps I cooked up, they always like this treat.

I spent most of the day after our walk in the kitchen or on the front porch. It didn’t get as hot as it was supposed to thankfully so I was able to enjoy the outside on the porch swing reading magazines I am behind on. Overall (after the Migraine) it was a nice day… What did you do today ?

Peek-A-Boo and Proposals

The girls were playing a game today of what appeared to be peek-a-boo with the sun. As the sun came out and got hotter they ran under trees or the shade of the coop, then when the sun would hide behind a cloud they would run out and peck for goodies. They especially loved to peck around where I cleaned and emptied out the baby pool the dogs and chickens drink out of and play in into the garden. After I filled it with clean cold water…

I did a lot today including working in the garden, laundry, grocery shopping, house cleaning, and lots of cooking and preparing for the next couple of days. Hubby didn’t get home for dinner (boy did he miss a good one), but I understand as he went to visit his friend in the hospital (see yesterdays post for this detail).

Cheeseburgers, potato salad, pea salad, and fresh tomatoes.

Dinner was yummy, filled me up, and was all gluten-free 🙂 I will post the rest of the stuff I made for this weekend as we got around to eating it.

So you have to check out this link… this guy proposed to his girlfriend “Glee” style with a lip-dub to Bruno Mars’s song “Marry You”… it is very cute and well done 🙂 http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/technology-blog/world-most-epic-marriage-proposal-225325408.html

Told you it was great 😉


Prayers and Flowers

What a crazy week and hot end to the week. The temp is over 80*, but the humidity makes it very hot. It seems to fit memorial day weekend when all the pools open and BBQ start full force. We don’t have many plans for the weekend. If it is not too hot tomorrow  a friend who has two golden retrievers and I with my two mutts will try to go over to the river to walk them and let them play in the water (if they will get in and it is not moving too much).

I wanted to ask for some prayers for my husband’s childhood friend who was in an accident on Tuesday and we just got the details of the event yesterday. We have had a lot of rain and apparently there was a huge sink hole (I saw a picture). He said he was driving early AM, apparently didn’t see it, and fell right into it. He had hip surgery yesterday and appears to be recovering. He has 9 months of rehab ahead of him and it will be a long road for him.

I had some more red-hot poker flower pictures I thought I would share as I now seen to have quite a fascination with them. I hope you all have a blessed weekend with friends or family. Anyone have any plans now that the weekend is upon us?

Breakfast with the birds…

Hello followers and visitors… it’s almost the weekend and a holiday weekend at that. I don’t know about where you live, but it is already hot and humid here today. The sun is out but a haze is across the sky. This hasn’t stopped our pup Baxter from sunning in his black coat…

I am enjoying a few moments in bed blogging (hubby was sweet enough to let the chickens out for me) until I need to make breakfast and go to work. I looked out the window and saw this cardinal enjoying some breakfast…

  I am looking forward to tomorrow as after work it will be the start to a 3 day weekend. Today is a long work day for me and I hope it is un eventful. I hope you all have a blessed Thursday 🙂


White and Red Hot

Anyone know what this tree is? This tree is in the yard and I had never paid attention to it before. The other day I was out mowing and saw these white flowers on the tree. They look like little bells to me.

I think the next few days will be shorter posts as I have so much to do and catch up on inside. Today it was raining again. The garden was getting a nice drink and the chickens were out enjoying getting wet which seemed to make it easier to get the good bugs.

I love to watch the rain collect in little beads ont their feathers and then the shake like they are big bad ladies and the water is all gone. More and more the follow me around the yard and come when I call “here ladies”. I also found these red-hot pokers while visiting a neighbor and he let me take some photos 🙂

 This is the final countdown to Memorial Day weekend. We don’t have much planed as hubby has to work, but we will try to grill out on Monday. Any of you have special ways to celebrate Memorial Day?

When you wish…

It’s time again for Ten Things Tuesday… Today I want to share with you some of my personal wishes and see if you have any you want to make on our own wishing well…

1. I wish my pups will be happy and healthy for a long time.

2. I wish this weather will stay nice so I can keep working outside.

3. I wish my hubby will be able to find a job that makes him happy and lets him be home more on the weekends.

4. I wish hubby and I can keep trusting God to bring us a baby in his time.

5. I wish I can keep to my gluten-free lifestyle as I am starting to feel better.

6. I wish the chickens will live a nice long time so they can give us many eggs 😉

7. I wish things will get a little easier in our life as the last year has been rough.

8. I wish my vegetable garden would grow well this year so we can get lots of goodies out of it and be able to share some.

9. I wish my new flowers will grow and bring all who see them joy.

10. I wish happiness and health to all my readers and followers.

Do you have any wishes you want to share and place in the wishing well above… If so please let me know I will be happy to place them there. I hear they somehow go directly to the big guy up there…

Two Turtle Doves…

So my antivirus ran out today and I couldn’t find the new one untill a few minutes ago.. so it will have to be another brief post tonight. I thought I would share a pair of doves I saw in one of our tree tops this weekend. I thought the tree branches looked like a heart the doves were sitting on top of.

Happy Monday and blessings to you this week 🙂

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