It’s 10 Things Tuesday so today I thought I would share 10 of God creations with you in the form of flower photos I have taken… Happy Tuesday.

10. Flowers of different shapes.

9. The bright and the bold.

8.  The ones that grow in clumps and bushes.

7. The small…

6. The tall(er)…

5. The delicate…

4. The darker…

3. The standouts…

2. The unique…

1. The ones that come in all colors…

Funny how flowers are a lot like people… What are your favorite things about flowers (kinds/varieties/characteristics/etc)?

18 Comments on “10 Flowers pictures I Enjoy

  1. Daisies are my favorite. They are so friendly looking with their sunshiny faces!

  2. So many beautiful flowers out there it’s hard to choose just one but I do like is finding just one flower along a hiking trail. That one flower adds a spot of color in a sea of green. Great photos and lovely flowers.

  3. Very inspiring. Now all we need is warmer days to go with the feeble sunshine that is trying to come out today, and maybe we’ll get some flowers growing.

    • I hope you get the nice weather we had today… warm, sunny, light wind to keep it from getting too hot, and a wonderful night to sit on the deck for dinner. I am glad you were inspired… I pray you get this weather and your flowers bloom 🙂

  4. I love roses and lilacs for their smell.

  5. Great post, and such beautiful flowers! I myself am trying to get some flowers growing in my yard and was even more inspired after seeing all of these pretty ones! And I am glad you liked my latest post because I now came across yours!

    • I hope you find some flowers you like. I like the flowers that come back each year so I don’t have to mess with them each year and can add to them. I have to be careful now as our chickens like to eat the new leaves and buds so my flower space has gone down. So glad you liked the photos and they inspired you 🙂 I am also glad you came by.

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