Feeling Hot Hot Hot…

Its HOT here today… a nice change from the cold wet weather.  I feel more motivated to get out and do things in nice weather and I am happy for my garden vegetables too as the warmer weather seems to make them grow tall. On our walk the other day through the battlefields I saw some really old pumps. I always see things like this as art. The above pump I really liked and I thought the orange background was so vibrant against the old pump. I also saw the below pump and liked it against the green grass.

The chickens are enjoying the warmer weather and trying to get into my garden… tough luck chickens my fence should keep them out.







Its hot enough the boys are inside enjoying the fan and a late afternoon nap… they are my cuties 🙂

Dinner is chicken and the fixings and then I have to catch up on my reading… I have a pile of magazines two feet tall, no joke, and I want to clean out some clutter. Happy hump day…  I hope you were blessed 🙂

P.S. Anyone want to take a stab at who sang the song that is my title today?