The boys are trying to stay as cool as they can today. It tried to rain earlier, but that only made the humidity go up. I was out earlier this morning in the garden watering and checking on the plants. Things seem to be growing well. I wanted to water before it got too hot and caused all the water to evaporate.

When I got home the chickens were staying cool in the shade. (Aren’t “the girls” so cute 😉 )

I am in the mood for wadding… the river that runs through the battlefield we went to earlier in the week is calling my name…

This weekend promises to be a busy one. Tomorrow I am going over to the elderly couples house we bought the tractors from ( to help them clean. They asked me if I could come over to help them clean house once a month as they are having difficulty keeping up. Then hubby and I have errands to run, house to clean (for Sunday), and want to take the pups for a walk. Sunday we have my husband’s best friend and his family coming over for lunch and to hang out.

I have been thinking lately more and more about if our home portrays the values and beliefs we have. When friends, family, and their kids come over (we have had a lot of visitors over the last few months) do they see our belief in God, our love for others, and our love for each other. I am happy to say in most areas we are doing well, but there is always room for improvement. I think you can make New Years resolutions all year-long… so mine for the next few weeks is to see if there are ways I can create a warm, God valued filled, and healthy environment for those who come into our home.  Is there anything you do to create this in your home?

6 Comments on “Home Values and Love

  1. Yep, those girls are cute. I feel sorry for chickens trying to stay cool wearing a down jacket 24/7 but I guess they’re used to it.

    I think it’s fantastic that you are helping clean for the people you got your tractor from. That’s the kind of giving that will give back 10 fold.

    • Thanks for the nice words again. I do feel sorry for the chickens but they seemed to enjoy digging in my garden to nest in the cooler dirt under the tree. I made sure they had nice cool water to drink too. I am happy to help these folks they seem nice and I try to look for ways to serve others when I can. Hope you have a blessed weekend 🙂

  2. The girls are very cute – do they spend hours sand bathing in the heat? Ours certainly do. Love that you’re helping the ladies out. As to creating a warm welcome in your home – you’re having lots of visitors so you must be doing something right 😉

    • My boys do like to be outside, the back dog Baxter is a sun bather… wierd dog sometimes 😉 Thanks for the kind words about our home. I will have to remember that.

  3. My black dog is a sun bather too! 🙂
    This is a nice post. Peaceful. I unfortunately don’t have the type of home you are talking about. Seems like I don’t have friends that come over. Most of my friends are from work and we don’t generally meet up after work. I’ve been thinking about this lately because I will eventually quit work and then I will really notice the absence of people. I need to start inviting people over for dinners and such.

    • Its hard at first to have a lot of people over as you have to do the cooking, cleaning, etc. But it is nice to get to know others. I find I have found friends at work, church, or just out doing activities I enjoy like hiking with the dogs. I hope you can start to have some dinner parties or just going out for coffee. I know you will enjoy it 🙂 Best of luck 🙂

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