So yesterday I attempted to post a photo of a woodpecker I had in the front yard and it was only somewhat successful. So here I will try again…

I love this little guy (girl?) and the bright red-head. He (she?) is a frequent visitor over the last few days and I have enjoyed this woodpeckers interaction with our other birds. I have been looking out on other’s blogs and we all seem to be having many bird friend visitors recently thanks to the warmer weather. When ever I see a woodpecker I think of the old cartoon about Woody the Woodpecker and his unique laugh. I got a kick out of it. So in honor of that neat old show we will name this woodpecker Woody. I hope he stays around for a while as we do enjoy his company 🙂 Any of you getting any cool birds on your feeders or in your yards recently?

12 Comments on “Woody the Woodpecker

  1. Terrific photo. Were you outside when the woodpecker came to the feeding station or is the photo through a window? Love your blog, especially the photos of your dogs.

    • I was on the front porch when (s)he came by. I am so glad you are enjoying all the photos. I do love my pups 😉

  2. Thanks for re-posting this. We have the pileated woodpecker in our neck of the woods. He has the authentic Woody Woodpecker tuft on his head, but we don’t have the red-headed woodpecker that you show on this photo, so it’s a novelty for me. Love the bird pics.

    • Ohh the pileated woodpecker those are pretty too. If you catch a shot of those let me know. We had one last year but it only stopped by for a day.

  3. Hi, just thought you’ld like to know that this is a male red-bellied woodpecker. Nice picture.

  4. Awesome picture– we have lots of woodpeckers here, get to hear them but seems I can never catch them long enough to see them. I laughed at my nephew when he bought a set of binoculars with a camera (figured it was for chickies in bikinis) but they might be a good idea, actually.

    • Glad you share my joy for birds like woodpeckers. I share your laughter about your nephew, my hubby would like those, but he would use them for the birds 🙂

    • Thank you for the sweet comment, I do feel lucky they are use to us and let us sit on the porch and watch them 🙂 It is a blessing 🙂

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