10 Things I Am Grateful For Today…

This 10 things Tuesday has a few stories attached to it today so bear with me as I share…

10. I am always thankful for my home and all that includes.








9. I am grateful that I have supportive friends who support me in times of need (see # 1 and 4).

8.  I am thankfull for my job as we have a new director starting soon and it may all change, as she has no background in my field and is known to close centers like mine (lets hope not).

7. My chickens who give us wonderful eggs to eat and share.







6. My doggies. They make us happy when we have had a rough day (see #1 and 4).







5. I am grateful the pastor of our old church will be starting a plant church near us by the fall so we will be able to attend church under his leadership again.

4.  My mom (and family). I said my mom specifically as she is soon to go through two surgeries on her eyes as she has been declared legally blind in one and has to or she will be blind eventually. She should be fine, but it is still not a good thing to happen.

3.  I am happy we got to rescue a dog from certain death today. As we were driving to work we saw a dog running down the middle of a windy narrow back road. We stopped, put her in our car, and there was no tag so we called the county and used the county ID tag to get the owner information.We then promptly delivered the dog back home. Her name was Oreo and she was a cattle dog/terrier mix. Her owner says she keeps running the invisible fence and can jump over the other one they had. As we left my husband said “you should have gotten her picture to share on your blog” I almost kicked myself as she was a cute dog and I would have loved to share her picture.

2.  The ability to openly love God and Jesus and share my beliefs without fearing death. Someone may not agree, but it is my belief. ( This is tied also to my #1 God protecting my family).

1. I am most grateful that my husband was not hurt in a minor car accident today and that only my car incurred the damage.

I am grateful we made it through the day as it has been a busy eventful one.