I saw this bird the other day… Thought he was cute and a good poser 🙂

The chickens seemed to have had a good day as by the time we got home from work they were fast asleep. It was a long day as we had to drop off the car to be repaired at 8:30 AM, pick up the rental, go to the dentist, then was at work for 9 hours. I am glad to be home and snuggling with my pups. This is when it is nice to have dogs that are excited to see you when you get home with so much energy, then will snuggle up next to you and fall asleep. Got to love them… I do 🙂


6 Comments on “Short and sweet :)

  1. I love birds but that one by the feeder is (I think) a cowbird.They have a bad habit of laying eggs in other birds’ nests and the cowbird chicks crowd out the other ones that hatch. The stupid mother bird feeds the cowbird chick that killed her own. I once saw an Audubon’s warbler feeding a cowbird chick that was bigger than she was.

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