I am happy to report my Mom said I gave her a happy Mother’s Day 🙂 The yellow tulips above are flowers my hubby brought home for her at my request (what a great guy). We had a nice weekend with nice warm (today hot) weather. Yesterday we went to the farmers market, yard sales, and a book sale.










We then worked in the garden. I have some lovely tomatoes starting…







Today after I made mom an omelet for breakfast (her favorite thing for breakfast) we finished up the plants that needed to go into the garden. I then made lunch for her of BBQ chicken (with my homemade BBQ sauce), potato salad, deviled eggs (curtasy of “the girls”), and from the farmers market pickled beats, pickles, strawberries, and pickled okra.







The dogs hung out under the table and waited for scraps to fall…







It was a nice weekend and the weather held out… it is supposed to rain for a few days this week so I am enjoying the last of the sun. I will leave you with this final photo and wish…










Happy Mother’s Day Mom… Love you 🙂

6 Comments on “Special Mothers…

  1. Those pups look like I’ve felt all afternoon and now I am headed to another BBQ! Very inviting post….

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