Thankful Thursday… as promised.

It’s been a long struggling week for our family… there has been a lot of setbacks and stress. Sometimes it hard to see blessings when you are struggling, but I am trying to stay focused on what the Lord gives so here goes…

This week I am thankful for…

10. The ability to drive to work, have a computer, TV, etc. Many people don’t have this.

9. A beautiful sunset.







8. My garden which is growing and hopefully will give me goodies soon 🙂

7. The fresh chicken eggs that make me feel comfort.










6. My puppies who always act silly and make me smile.










5. My mom’s surgery went well and she is feeling better (thank you to those of you who provided input and support with this on my previous post about her pending surgery).


4.  Friends who support and stand up for me.

3. Family who love me.

2.  My hubby who is in all of this with me… by my side 🙂







1. My Lord who is only a prayer away.


Just a quick note…

I know I said yesterday today would be ten things Thursday… it will be … Check back tonight.

As for now I thought I would share the above photo I caught the other day on the way to work and a picture of my chicken girl to hold you over till I get home tonight 🙂 This little lady is trying to get into my expanded garden to eat all the yummies coming up… I think the fence spoiled her plan 🙂