Ladybug, Ladybug, don’t fly away…

I spent from 11 AM till 7 PM outside.. I feel satisfied and happy. I did a lot of yard work raked up all the hay from cutting the grass, cleaned out the flower beds, dug up some plants I no longer want in the flower beds, and put together the new trailer for the garden tractor (with Dad) so I can collect all the piles of things I made today. I took pictures of all of this, but I am too tired to download them. I will and post more about my day tomorrow.

My new garden ornament

The chickens spent the day at the fence watching my every move and the dogs hung out on the front porch “protecting me” from those who came by.

I hope you all had a busy and productive day as I did. It was nice to end the week on a happy and productive note. On to the next week… Blessings 🙂