Today was another outdoor day… I had to take a break between 2 and 4 due to the heat and sun. So here is a recap of what I have done over the last two days outside…

One of my new flowers (see below)

First I had to clean out all of the flower beds, raking up all the leaves and things into piles, then digging out all the plants and such I no longer want in the flower beds, and adding those to the piles…

I mowed the grass and then raked up all the grass into piles to collect…

This was one of 8 piles and a smaller one at that…

I then picked up all the piles and put them in holes that needed filling in the ditch. I got to use the new trailer for our tractor and it dumps so it is very useful 🙂

Yahhh new dump trailer

Then I had to clean out the beds and make them ready for the new flowers I got…




After (I added a Wild Berry Coneflower)

I also planted a watermelon vine in the front bed that gets the right light to grow as I can not plant it in the garden… the chickens might eat the vines if they get out of control.

Here are some final shots of a few of the flowers I planted out front….

Gerber Daisy’s

The flower bed is now transformed… The only bad part of the weekend was today when I was trying to put the gas can back in the shed a big long 4-ft rat or black snake was blocking the door to the shed. My neighbor came over to make sure he didn’t go into the shed and only under it. If you know me, you know I HATE snakes… imagine that a country girl who still has this kind of fear of snakes, but I do. Needless to say hubby will be putting up the gas can and tractor tonight when he gets home from work…

I hope you all receive many blessings this week…

12 Comments on “Transformation…

  1. I have that salvia too. Couldn’t grow watermelons here though. Winter would arrive just about the time little baby watermelons might show. Love your border with the rounded brick tops.

    • Thank you I am so glad you liked the brick. I was thinking about changing it, but might leave it now. I have never had a salvia before how big do they get and do the spread big?

      • They don’t spread outrageously like mint does. Just enough so you can separate them every couple of years. Mine get about a foot or two high when they bloom and then they die back to nothing over the winter. They come back from the roots in the spring. I have midnight blue and a white.

  2. Yard work is one thing that really keeps a person busy! I got a start on mine today, as well. You took some nice pictures in the middle of all that work!

    • Thanks I had to make sure I stoped long enough to get the photos… I did so much and was proud of all my work, I wanted it documented 😉

  3. Hi,
    Gardening can be hard work, but the end results are always fantastic. it is amazing how different a garden can look with the old plants out and the new in, your garden looks great, I love the photos. 🙂

    • Thank you for the kind comment and noticing the changes in the garden. It took all weekend, and was hard work, but I am happy with how it came out. Glad you enjoyed the photos 🙂

  4. It’s nice to take photos as you go along, I do too, in a year or two you’ll find them again and be surprised by how much things have grown.
    love the pretty little brick edges, I’ve just put up wood ones but they’ll need replacing again in a year or two, maybe I’ll look out for brick ones next time too. ;-0

    • I like the brick ones, but sometimes they are heavy, but they do last forever if they don’t break (which they do a lot if you drop or hit them so get extra). I am glad I do have the photos and as you put it so well… they will allow me to see my gardens progress later on. Thanks for the great comment 🙂

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