Memorial Day weekend has come and gone too quickly so I thought I would share the top ten things I enjoyed about it (still sticking to the ten things Tuesday theme 🙂 )

1. Celebrating the brave men and women who fight for freedom.

2. The walk with the dogs on Sunday with my friend and her dogs.

3. The food I cooked up and my hubby BBQ’ed.

Mondays dinner BBQ ribs, hotdogs with many topping options, potato salad, baked beans, and watermelon

4. The red, white, and blue desert.

5. The time to relax and sleep a little without having to feel guilty.

6. Time to catch up on my pile of magazines.

7. Bird watching.

8. Taking photos.

9. Sitting on the front porch with an ice-cold glass of tea.

10. Getting to share it with you my fellow bloggers 🙂

Hope you had a great Memorial Day long weekend and if you are outside of the USA and didn’t get the 3 days off I hope you had a nice 2- day weekend 🙂

10 Comments on “10 Things About Memorial Day

    • Thank you… the food was yummy and relaxing is good in theory, but I have a hard time sitting still so it isn’t always easy for me 😉

  1. Great looking red white and blue dessert, and I love the picture of the broken barn. It’s a wonderful catch. 🙂

    • The barn was a good catch on a drive, glad you enjoyed it. Some of my favorite photos come from random drives and remembering the camera. The dessert was good you should try it. The homemade whip cream made the dessert… can’t go wrong with homemade 🙂

      • The best fun of all – our two Grandchildren are visiting! They live in London, we’re in Cornwall so we don’t see them often enough!
        Thank you for asking

  2. Looks like a great fun day for the family. I agree that the dinner looks great. Glad you had such a good weekend.

    • Weekend dinners were good.. I preplaned the meals so it works out better when I do that. Hope you had a good weekend too 🙂

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