It was a nicer day today… less humidity and a great evening to get out in the garden to pull weeds. The vegetable plants are growing like crazy and I am happy to see them get bigger and not die 🙂 I wanted to get all the weeds away from my growing plants so they can keep growing and not fight for the nutrients. The dogs were running around like crazy while I was weeding and then took a rest on the porch.

The ladies enjoyed some snacks tonight of watermelon, cracked corn, and strawberry tops. The neighbor came over to tell us a couple of our “ladies” got out and he put them back yesterday. We have a couple that like to try to explore outside of the safety of the fence. They also enjoyed my weeding of the garden as they could eat what I pulled out.

I had to work overtime today, but when I got home I remembered why I love to live with some land, chickens, my garden, my pups, and my loving hubby. It’s Thursday tomorrow, which means only two more days of work before I am off. I have a busy next couple of weekends ahead of me, so I am glad I had a relaxing Memorial Day weekend to prepare. I hope you all have a great rest of the week 🙂

12 Comments on “Weed and Feed

  1. It’s fantastic that you have neighbours who are friendly about your chickens. I hope you give them a few eggs for playing chook-wrangler.

    • Yes the get free eggs all the time… we like to share 🙂 The wife likes to bake so we try to keep her stocked 🙂

  2. I am happy to see them get bigger and not die…
    I hear that. Things are finally growing well here, too after a cold *wet* spring, then hot, dry sun. I lost every courgette I planted, but I’ve re-planted. I live in eternal hope. Love your dogs!

  3. I think that you have a beautiful blog, you are a great photographer and you write interesting things. Look forward to more…

  4. i and my late dad raised chickens when i was a kid. now, i have four naughty squirrels and a lot mouths of birds to feed 🙂

  5. Real nice pictures. Great shot of the butterfly. The dogs look as though they are enjoying the weather and their rest. Nice that your neighbor put the ladies back in. Glad you had some nice weather to enjoy. We had a couple of nice days but now it is back to the 90’s and we really need rain. Hugs and nose kisses Chancy and Mumsy

    • Thank you for the kind complement. I am so glad you enjoyed the photos. Our neighbors are very kind and we are blessed to have them. I am also glad you got a couple nice days hope you get some more soon. 🙂

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