Found this old building that was built right over a stream. It seems it use to be a building, yet now the doors and walls on each end has been removed and it is used as a bridge. It got me to thinking of how we all too often throw out or stop using “old” things/buildings/etc. and instead build new when the old with a little TLC will do the job well. I love to see old things being used  or repurposed. It also can save you money and I love that. So today I thought about what I could use or repurpose to save money and create less waste. I came up with a couple of things, but need to think some more. Have you used something old or repurposed something recently? I would love to hear about it 🙂

6 Comments on “Old yet not forgotten…

  1. I love repurposing what would otherwise be a blight on the environment. Saving money and creating something from trash is pretty addictive.

    To see if I am putting my money (and elbow grease) where my mouth is I scanned back through my own gardening blog for the past couple of months and found some posts where I specifically talk about repurposing.

    Here’s where we used old milk jugs as chicken waterers

    And here’s the end result of picking up an old lamp shade off the side of the road and creating a birdbath in our back yard.

    Our veggie beds are all built from repurposed timber from our own yard and our neighbours’ (we’ve got a reputation of reusing junk). Our retaining wall is built from old bricks and more neighbour’s wood. Our rainwater tank base is built from reclaimed bricks (whe knocked down a wall during renovations and had a lot of old bricks leftover)and found rebar. We never start a project without first scrounging what we can. We never drive past a pile of “rubbish” on the road without looking for gems. It’s a lifestyle and one that I love.

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