So we have yet to clip the girls wings and one of our ladies keeps jumping the fence and getting into the front flower beds. She is a brave one as when you put her back sometimes she will jump right back over in front of you….

Thankfully we are blessed with great neighbors who will put her back in the fence if we are not home… what an escape artist. Happy Weekend 🙂

22 Comments on “Escape Artist

  1. This has been one of my greatest fears with our chicks! We have a lot of dogs in the ‘hood (in other words, we are surrounded by them), but luckily the girls haven’t gotten too much vertical lift yet. Best of luck with your garden!

    • Yes they can get over a pretty high fence… I hope your girls don’t learn how to “fly the coop”. Thanks for the wishes for the garden 🙂

  2. We have an escape artist in our little flock, too–she is absolutely incorrigible! She refuses to stay in the designated (fenced) chicken area of our backyard but hasn’t done any damage to the backyard, nor has she shown any desire to fly over the BIG fence and explore the rest of the neighborhood or our vegetable garden. So for now we are letting her have her adventure time. 🙂

  3. One of our neighbors has a chicken coop — I think the only one in town, as we live in the suburbs. And it was amazing to visit their house, and see the chickens all moving about, happy and free. But boy, do they move fast! Here’s to your good neighbor who keeps sending your little escape artist back home!

    • Yes they can move fast… we only have one that runs from us otherwise they usually let us catch them 🙂 We are greatfull to our neightbors 🙂

  4. Is her name “Ginger”? Is she looking for “Rocky”? I can’t help but think of “Chicken Run” …

  5. Rhode Island reds are notorious for that. Clipping her wings will be the only way to stop her and if you don’t soon you may start seeing some followers. I used to have a sexlink doing it too but she is long gone. I do have plenty of acreage for them to free range but my cocker takes after them when they fly in the yard and they’re soon back where they’re supposed to be. Sassy doesn’t hurt them but she does put the fear of God in them. They don’t fly over much now.

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