Since I didn’t get around to a long post Tuesday I thought I would share my ten blessings from my weekend today 🙂 I decided I will share the ten things I enjoyed about this past weekend that blessed me and hubby…

10.  The flowers we saw all over.

9. The animals we encountered.

8. Spending time at the beach.

7. The ships at op-sail and attending the festival.

6. Seeing new and interesting things.

5. The fireworks over the ships at op-sail.

4. Being able to travel with the boys.

3. The sunsets from God.

2. Spending time with family.

1. Getting to spend some quality time with hubby.

What have you been blessed with this past week or weekend?

4 Comments on “Ten Things I Enjoyed About Our Weekend

  1. Hi! I love how you always have these post about things that you are grateful or that you enjoy… well I started to do that too but a bit different… I started on May 15 and every night before I sleep I write 5 things that I’m grateful to God for that day! It has been such a blessing… Now I have a grateful heart and I’m able to appreciate little things that happens during the day… So, thank you for posting what you are grateful for! God bless! 🙂

    • I am so glad my posts are a blessing to you that is what I was hoping for. Your thoughts and comments are apperciated. I am glad you keep that list… it is praise to God and helps us when we are in a dark place. God bless 🙂

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