I was watching the Cosby show today and thinking of how the dads of past TV shows are much different then the ones on TV today. It’s hard to find fathers on TV  now that uses good humor to discipline his kids, teaches good advice, to follow the law, treat other’s as they wanted to be treated, and all that good stuff. It leads me to think of how hubby and I want to raise our kids, as they say kids learn more from how we act, not what we tell them to do. They learn from how we treat each other and them, not how we tell them to treat us or others. They learn from boundaries, kindness, and love.

Sailor Statue Norfolk, VA

So to all those Dad’s out there who parent by example… Happy Father’s Day….

Baxter and Chase love their dad…

And to hubby and our pups dad… Happy Father’s Day we Love You!

6 Comments on “Fathers of old and new

  1. How true – kids learn from watching their parents and how they behave and how they tackle life’s situations. Very insightful of you.

    • Thanks in my job this is what I try to teach parents and gradparents… some listen and other’s don’t. Those who do usually see their kids recover faster.

  2. A good dad is one that is there for his children and who isn’t afraid to tell them ‘no’. I think that is a problem with dads of today; they aren’t around and those that are don’t know what discipline is.

    • I agree far too many father are absent either physically or emotionally. I see many families I work with that have no father figure and if they do the father is far too interest in what he wants first and he buys his kids what they want just to not have to spend time with them or deal with them. It’s like the movie Courageous… its easy to be absent and not do the work of a father, harder to be the father the Bible tells dad’s to be. Dads forget kids watch them and even when they try to buy their love or are not around that is a message too.

  3. Hi,
    A great post for Father’s Day. 🙂
    I agree it is hard to find those sort of TV shows now, they just do not exist for some reason, which is a shame, and you are spot on about parents being roll models.

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