10. The mermaid.

9. The flowers in random places.

8. The ships.

7. All the ship bells.

6. All the flags.

5. Unexpected art.

4. The ships lit up at night.

3. The Sunset.

2. Being with family and hubby.

1. The fireworks.

14 Comments on “10 Things I Liked From Opsail

  1. Fabulous shots , i loved how you have capture the unexpected art ! -Dolly

  2. Hi Seasongirl ……. ermm I’m a bit lost you gave me a link about mermaids but I can’t seem to find them … could you lead me the way? 🙂

  3. You have great photos. I would like to repost the flag picture in my thank you to you for the nomination, if you don’t mind.

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