Last night the heat finally got out of hand and caused a really bad storm. We had poring rain, hail, lightning, thunder, and the wind was so fast and hard. The storm lasted for a few hours and cause a lot of damage. It reminded me of when I was a child and sat though bad hurricanes. I found one article about it Luckey (well thanks to God as we were praying hard) we only lost power for 18 hours and then they fixed the main line up the road so we got the  power back earlier then expected. All we could hear on the radio was it could be 2 to 10 days before we would get it back so we consider ourselves blessed. Poor little Chase was so scared when I had to run out into the storm last night to grab the grill cover and lay down the patio furniture. This storm came out of no where or I would have put them away earlier.

We lost the chicken run, but the house inside the coop held well and the girls were safe. We tried to fix it today, but only got it covered up until we can get the material we need, as we had downed power lines so we couldn’t get out all day. It’s not secure from animals, but their house still is. We also lost a couple of sides/big limbs to a couple of different trees. Our neighbor lost a lot of trees so we were out helping him chop and pile them up once we were done in our yard. We still have our trees to deal with, but hubby is still sick so the tree branches in our yard can wait till tomorrow or Monday. Anyways, if you got some of this storm I hope you are well. I am off to do some chores I couldn’t get done earlier without power.

20 Comments on “The Big Storm…

  1. We had the same storm in Craig and New Castle is entirely out of power and maybe for several days. We lost it for four hours and the phones were down until about 3:00 this afternoon. We lost part of the tin on one barn and curled the tin on two other sheds. We lost about fifty trees, maple, locust, chestnut and apple. We had about 600 bales of hay on the ground and it tipped about 30 of them over and rolled some into some mountain streams. We’ll be working on this mess and freeing up electric fence for a couple weeks. We were very blessed that no one and none of the animals were hurt.

    • Wow I feel more blessed now we didn’t have that much damage. I hope you get it all cleaned up soon. If we were closer we would come and help. I am so glad you all are okay and that the animals are too. 🙂

  2. I can identify with your problem – We went through Hurricane Charly here in SW Florida. We lost power for five weeks. My humans say they “camped-out” in their house for more than a year. Glad you got through without to much grief.

    • My Dad’s side of the family is from FL and I was born there so I know what you mean about those huricanes. We camped out till the power came back on. I am so glad we didnt have to wait as long as your humans. 🙂

  3. We got hit hard too. A huge tree, not 10′ from my son’s bedroom window fell–in the opposite direction, thank God. The wind collapsed a huge pavilion at the local park too, it was insane.

    • I am so glad the tree went the other way. We had some neighbors with some bad damage… one families trampoline blew over their house and broke their car window. I am glad you are all safe 🙂

  4. Oh dear, sounds like our weather, just without the heat! Glad that you got your power back on so fast and nothing too bad happened to your chickens!!

  5. We saw on the news over here that there were bad storms in the US. Some parts of the UK have also had tornados, hail and extremely heavy rain, in fact it is the wettest April to June since records began in the UK. So what is happening to all our weather?

  6. Your storms have made big news in Australia as well and I really feel for you and your animals. I imagine the whole thing was pretty terrifying. It’s great to hear that the damage is all repairable and that the hens are still laying (though the egg in that next post is VERY tiny).

    Good luck with your clean-up.

    • Wow… I didn’t know that our bad weather made the news that far. It was rather scary. The girls are doing ok (despite a tiny egg and a soft one) and hopefuly this new run we are planing will be more sturdy in storms like this one 🙂

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