Yellow Rose of Texas

I have heard that in Texas the humidity is not as bad as in Virginia. It was 96*F on the thermometer today, but they said it felt like 116*. It was one of those days that it was so humid there were no clouds in the sky…. looked kind of like this picture I got at the beach…

So to avoid the humidity I worked most of the day and have been cleaning inside until it is cool enough to go out and water the garden.  At OpSail the other day I saw this fountain and it would be nice to have in your yard on a day like today…

So I wanted to tell you some more about our great neighbor who watches our chickens when we go on vacation. He is a kind and wonderful old man who gives and gives and when you try to give back he gives some more. So when we got back from vacation there was a gift for me on the front steps…

A rooster and a chicken cookie jar…

His wife was cleaning out her pretty case and they thought we would enjoy them now more than they could. What kind souls. We are so blessed. It’s funny how God works though human angels…. Have any of you experience angels in your life they are every day friends/neighbors/coworkers who bless you from time to time with support/help/little blessings? Tell me about it I would love to hear it. I would like to collect some stories to use in one of my ten things blogs and I will provide a link to your site with your story. So share and be blessed…

Fire Pit…

It’s been a hot and humid day… it has felt like this fire pit…

The garden needed a good drink and it probably needed more than it got as the humidity even later seemed to suck up the water as soon as it hit the ground.

I usually do ten things Tuesday, but since I work so much on Tuesday some weeks it will have to wait till Thursday. So tonight I am counting one blessing that makes my not so great and long days so much better… my pups.

If you are a follower or have read my blog you know my dogs mean a lot to me and when they run up to you at night with so much love I just smile and feel the stress moving further from me.

I hope you experienced a blessing today…

Looking up…

Look up…

Op-Sail was full of some wonderful sights. Many which you would not have seen if you didn’t Look Up. Many times in life we just need a new perspective and a reason to look at things in a new way. I think we get so busy looking at where we want to go we miss all that is around us. Op-sail provided us a time to walk slow, explore, and enjoy all the things around us. Hope you enjoy this first tour of all we saw….

USCG Eagle built for the German navy in 1936 won by the US as part of the war reparations after WWII.

The Eagle front ornament off the USCG training tall ship used by the Coast Guard as a training vessel.


Bell on the Virginia Schooner

Front of another ship

Angel on front of a ship

Hope you enjoyed your first look at op-sail… more to come 🙂



Fathers of old and new

I was watching the Cosby show today and thinking of how the dads of past TV shows are much different then the ones on TV today. It’s hard to find fathers on TV  now that uses good humor to discipline his kids, teaches good advice, to follow the law, treat other’s as they wanted to be treated, and all that good stuff. It leads me to think of how hubby and I want to raise our kids, as they say kids learn more from how we act, not what we tell them to do. They learn from how we treat each other and them, not how we tell them to treat us or others. They learn from boundaries, kindness, and love.

Sailor Statue Norfolk, VA

So to all those Dad’s out there who parent by example… Happy Father’s Day….

Baxter and Chase love their dad…

And to hubby and our pups dad… Happy Father’s Day we Love You!

Sunshine Award

I am so blessed. I was nominated for another award… the Sunshine Award. This one is especially cool as it’s symbol is a Gerber daisy – my favorite flower and my nickname from certain family member is Sunshine. So this is a perfect award for me (not that I didn’t also think then last one was amazing too).

I would like to thank Eleelnie at for nominating me for the Sunshine Award. Thank you so much, I’m really excited, blessed, and very honoured. is an entertaining, comical, animal friendly blog where Eleelnie shares her wonderful humor, stories about her dogs Briar and Bess , her green thumb, and her love for travel.

In accepting this award, I need to complete the following:

1. Link the award to the person who gave it to me.

2. Answer the questions about myself.

3. Nominate 10 bloggers for the award.

4. Link my nominees to the post and comment on their blog, letting them know about the award.

The Questions:

Favourite Number: 9- it was my volleyball number, the day of my birthday, and the day hubby and I got married 9/27/08 the 2 an 7 make 9 also.

Favourite Non-Alcoholic Drink: Tea (I am a southern girl after all)

Favourite animal: The Red Panda and the Otter for wild animals and my dogs for pets 🙂 (sorry I just couldn’t decide)

Facebook or Twitter: Neither. If I had to choose I think I would be more of a Facebook gal.

My Passion: Kids – They are my favorite therapy client’s, I enjoy babysitting them, playing games with them, listening to them talk especially when they say funny things, and just see how what you say and do affect their little lives in such great ways.

I also really enjoy cooking and baking 🙂

Favourite Day of the Week: Monday – it is the day hubby is usually off and I only work 5 hours, so it is the day we get to spend the most amount of time together all week.

Favourite Flower: As I said above the Gerber Daisy.

My 10 Nominees: (whoops it’s 11 – I figured my blog I could change the rules for the moment so I don’t have to keep narrowing it down 😉 )

Thank you Eleelnie again for this wonderful blessing… I hope you all have a chance to check out Eleelnie’s site 🙂

Hanging it up… Coming Home

I’m hanging up the rope for the week… I have done enough tugging this week. Last weekend and our trip are starting to seem like a distant memory. This week was long and I only worked 4 days. The rope above is from one of the tall ships we got to tour. I still need to post about Op-Sail and all the things we saw. I will get to it I promise 🙂

One of the nicest feelings is coming home…

This sailor statue shows this point

While on our trip I was thinking a lot about those who are over seas and have to be away from family. I feel blessed they have done this so I don’t have to experience my husband gone. My Dad used to be in the military and go away for weeks or months, but I was too young to remember. I have been told there is nothing like a military home-coming.

I hope you all have a blessed week and I will send you off to the weekend with fireworks … Enjoy 🙂

Ten Things I Enjoyed About Our Weekend

Since I didn’t get around to a long post Tuesday I thought I would share my ten blessings from my weekend today 🙂 I decided I will share the ten things I enjoyed about this past weekend that blessed me and hubby…

10.  The flowers we saw all over.

9. The animals we encountered.

8. Spending time at the beach.

7. The ships at op-sail and attending the festival.

6. Seeing new and interesting things.

5. The fireworks over the ships at op-sail.

4. Being able to travel with the boys.

3. The sunsets from God.

2. Spending time with family.

1. Getting to spend some quality time with hubby.

What have you been blessed with this past week or weekend?

Weekend Trip

When I was a little girl my parents use to take me on weekend trips. Since my husband works weekends we rarely get to do this. This past weekend we decided it was time so we both took off Monday (hubby had to take Saturday and Sunday too) and we drove to the beach. We stayed with my mom and her husband as it would save us money and they always know good cheep things to do so we don’t have to spend a lot. We did some great things including visiting the beach with the dogs, Op-Sail, Botanical Garden, and more. I took so many pictures I have to divide them up each day to share them.

I thought I would share some of the beach ones first.

In Norfolk the dogs can go on the beach before 10AM and after 6PM. They had a ball and loved the sand.

They have a few lifeguards on duty when you can swim between 10 and 6. Hubby and I got in the water for a little while on Sunday morning.

I have always enjoyed writing in the sand since I was little my mom says so I wrote hubby a message… Love you honey 🙂

More Beach Fun…

Short post with more photos from the beach…


 And from the garden we visited…


More to come 🙂 Hope you have a happy Wednesday…

Back from the Beach…

Hubby, pups, and I went to visit my mom this weekend at the beach. We left Friday and got back today. We did a lot, which means I got a lot of photos of the weekend. I thought I would start with one and share the rest as the week progresses… I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and blessings for the coming week 🙂

Chase and Baxter at the beach- Happy Boys 🙂

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