Flowers and Chickens

The flowers in my garden are blooming and taking over. I have Shasta daisy and these black eye susans that just keep growing. I noticed this more as I have been out in tha yard and garden a lot watching the hurt chicken get use to being back in the yard with the other chickens. So far she is getting used to being in the yard, but doesn’t want the other girls too close. She mostly walks around then finds a spot to lay down.

She seems to be healing like she is supposed to as she is getting feisty when we take her in and out of the crate to go outside daily for some exercise. I think soon we can leave her out, we will just have to make sure she gets in the house at night to be locked up. Want her and the other ladies to get more comfortable with each other before we leave her out full-time as her feathers are still not back and I want to make sure they won’t peck her at night or in the AM in the coop before we let them out in the yard. Will keep you posted. Blessing of the day is the lady is healing and the weather this week has been beautiful.

What happens at sunset…

Sunset brings all kinds of events around our place… The chickens go in for the night, the dogs play in the yard enjoying the cooler weather, and all sorts of creatures come out and visit. Tonight we had our family of deer come over for a visit.. I tried to get better pictures but my camera was being funky taking them though the window and by the time I decided to go outside and get a good shot the dogs barked and scared them away.








They seemed to be enjoying the bird seed that had fallen from the bird feeders. There were three females, a baby, and what looked to be a young female. It always pays to be attentive at sunset 🙂

Roadside America

Have you ever been to…

It is a cute little Amish roadside place in Pennsylvania with a quaint little roadside shop (my husband loves the shoo fly pie there) and a miniature town museum. The museum I don’t have pictures of but you can check it out at . We have been to the museum and shop before, but on our trip we went into the shop again as hubby wanted a shoo fly pie as I had not made one in a while. If you are ever in that area it is a cute place to visit. Kids seem to like it 🙂 It reminds me of place my mom, dad, and I use to stop at when I was a kid. I always had so much fun at these random stops  🙂

The top of the Amish shop

Also on this trip we took a little walk and I saw this cool rock formation so I thought I would share.

I hope you all had a fun and happy week and I wish you a blessed week to come 🙂

Friday Fun

I promised some more photos of the boys on our hike and here is another…

Baxter and Chase at the top of the rocks

Today they helped us keep the chickens under control while we let the hurt girl out in the yard for some exercise and to see how the other girls would react to her. Some of the chickens tried to peck at her so we stopped that, but mostly the hurt girl just stayed to herself and got verbal if the others got too close. We will keep giving her these experiences until she is healed and can go back out full-time. Until then she is in the basement pen healing and getting some rest.

The other day when coming back from the hike I saw this old barn.

If you have followed me for any length of time you have seen my old posts you know I love old barns. The fascinate me for some reason. I guess they remind me of my childhood when things were simpler, people were nicer, and the world was a less evil place to be. I remember as a kid you couldn’t dive any place without seeing a functioning farm with livestock or crops. Now they are loosing their land and the serenity of those drives is sometimes replaced with large houses and communities where those beloved farms use to sit. Still some days I am lucky enough to find an old barn I have not seen before and those lovely memories come back. I hope you all have a blessed weekend 🙂

Happy Hike

My blessing this week 🙂 We took the boys on a hike earlier this week up and around Little Round Top. They had a grand time and the weather was perfect… not too hot and a little breeze. A nice change from all the heat. The boys made some friends and got their picture taken a lot. I will share more of those later.

We always love a good hike and this is a trail Chase has not been on before (Baxter has) so it was fun for him. Baxter also seemed to enjoy the return trip, but they both just love to walk to begin with. Hope you got some nice weather to enjoy this week 🙂

Chickie Check In

The lady that was injured is making a slow but steady recovery. She is eating and drinking more each day. The only issue is that she won’t come off her perch… don’t know what that is about. I guess she feels safer there, so we raised her food and water up higher so she can get to them and now she is having a ‘hay day’ eating and drinking. Her wounds seem to have closed, just waiting now to see if her feathers will grow back. We decided we will let her have some time with her sisters on Friday and see how they do with us present. We appreciate all your well wishes, concerns, ideas, and comments about the lady as she heals. Blessings to all of you who have shown such care 🙂

Dog Days…

Our Chase is becoming quite the swimmer. He is loving the water more and more and gaining more confidence to swim. He is such a good boy 🙂

I guess when they say this is the dog days of summer that they mean all the dogs who love to swim and play 🙂 I hope you get this kind of day if you haven’t soon 🙂


“So we say with confidence “The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid. What can man do to me?”” Hebrews 13:6

Update on the lady…

Hello all… Our lady who was injured (see yesterdays entries) seems to be slightly better today. She is sticking to her perch in the dog crate, but did eat some when I offered her food and drank a little water when I held the water up to her this AM and PM. I hope this means she is going to heal. We went to the local feed and shop store and got some wound stuff for her and put that one. I think she is still in shock, but at least it seems she knows us and lets us do what we need to with her to get the wounds clean and healed. I am hopeful she will pull through 🙂

Thank you all so much for your support, ideas, and suggestion. If you have any more keep them coming 🙂

Help and Ideas… (picture is not for a weak stomach)

My husband got home and found our missing chicken. 🙂  She is hurt and I need some ideas on how to help her or what to put on the wounds…. I have cleaned the areas where the feathers were pulled out, the one puncture wound, and scrape with boiled salt water that was cooled as I read to do. I then put on the antibiotic ointment and have her in the old dog crate resting with food, water (with electrolytes), and a perch. She drank a couple of times. (ok be prepared here comes the photo)

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated… Thank you …. (and sorry for the gross photo, but I thought it might help those of you who know what to do).

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