Laid Back Monday…

Had another little visitor today… such a pretty lady 🙂 Not much happened today…. hubby is still sick so I used the time he was sleeping to work outside after it cooled off.

Chase watched me water the garden, the flowers, and clean the porch off. We had tacos for dinner and the lettuce, tomatoes, and onions came from our own garden. 🙂

I love it now that the garden is starting to produce. When I need something I can just go into the garden and get it 🙂 The cucumbers are also starting to climb and there are little baby cucumbers on the vine.

Last year I made pickles with our cucumbers. Some come out and others were too sour. Not sure what I want to do with the extra produce this year, but I have an interest in learning to can. With all this hot weather we all seem to be having and some people still without power I was wondering what you all are doing to stay cool?