Tuesdays Tails…

So we have had chickens for a while now. I am learning how different it is to be a chicken owner as an adult rather than a kid. When I was little and we had chickens my parents or other family use to take care of them, make sure they were okay, or make sure they were put in at night.

As the primary owner I am the one (hubby helps out too) that lets them out in the morning, feeds them, changes the water, collects the eggs, makes sure the chickens are healthy, and puts them up at night. It’s a completely different experience then as a child. Still it has its rewards and is a lot of fun at times. It is also cool how people want to know so much about raising chickens when they find out you have them. It has started some interesting conversations. I also love my ‘ladies’ as they sometimes give me some nice photos 🙂

They provide blessings in many ways like their eggs and the sheer enjoyment of watching them be crazy chicks 😉 What cute ‘ladies’ we have and I enjoy them 🙂