So we have had chickens for a while now. I am learning how different it is to be a chicken owner as an adult rather than a kid. When I was little and we had chickens my parents or other family use to take care of them, make sure they were okay, or make sure they were put in at night.

As the primary owner I am the one (hubby helps out too) that lets them out in the morning, feeds them, changes the water, collects the eggs, makes sure the chickens are healthy, and puts them up at night. It’s a completely different experience then as a child. Still it has its rewards and is a lot of fun at times. It is also cool how people want to know so much about raising chickens when they find out you have them. It has started some interesting conversations. I also love my ‘ladies’ as they sometimes give me some nice photos 🙂

They provide blessings in many ways like their eggs and the sheer enjoyment of watching them be crazy chicks 😉 What cute ‘ladies’ we have and I enjoy them 🙂

18 Comments on “Tuesdays Tails…

  1. I have always loved chickens. My dad raised chickens his whole adult life. I had them when I was younger. Very nice pictures of your beautiful ladies. Hugs

  2. I didn’t have chickens as a child so my experience as being the primary care giver of my girls (like you, hubby helps) is the only chicken experience I have. What most amazes me about my girls is the affection I feel for them. Mine free range in my garden most of the time and whenever I’m out there, they are nearby. The follow me around and it’s obviously not just in hope of food. I suspect I am the head hen in their mind. They love to just hang out and are sweet little things.

    • I agree with you… my girls seem to like following me around the yard too and not just for food. I do think if there is not a rooster to lead they do look to the primary human to be the head hen 😉 I also agree they are just fun to hang out and watch 🙂

  3. Thanks for stopping by to visit my blog and for the advice on the soft eggs. Your chickens are beautiful!

    • Your welcome. I am glad the advice was helpful. I know when I have something new it’s always helpful to know it is not just me and get advice from someone who has expereience it before 🙂 I am glad you like our ‘ladies’ 🙂

  4. I grew up with chickens, too. It’s interesting to see your take on raising them as an adult! We hope to get some chickens soon-ish, and I’ve been wondering about how different it will be when they are MY responsibility. As a kid, I just remember collecting eggs once a day and feeding them, but I don’t remember if they were actually a lot of work or if that was just me being a kid! 🙂

    • They are some work as you have to let them out during the day and in at night and keep an eye on them if they are free range. You also have to feed them a time or two a day (kind of like the dog) and make sure you have someone to watch them when you go away. They have their perks as they are not as much work as say a horse and are more self suficient then most animals as long as they have food/water/and a place to sleep at night that is secure. If you have the time, energey, and land you would probaby love it, especially if you had them as a kid. 🙂

      • Thank you for the reply! We’re looking to buy a house this fall & one of the biggest criteria is LAND! We’ve lived in the city for several years and we’re ready to get away from it all. Chickens are definitely on our list. Do you have a problem with them around a garden?

      • We fence in our garden and just try to keep the things they like away from the sides. We also shoo them away from the garden when we see them there so they know not to go too close. If you are moving to some land I think chickens would be great for you 🙂 Keep me posted on if you do. I would recomend Rhode Island Reds for starters they are hearty, heat and cold tollerent, usually easy temperment, and a good starter bird as they can be used for just eggs like we do or for the meat too.

      • No problem, let me know if you have any other questions. I will do my bets. Good luck with the chickens 🙂

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