I love walking on the trails and watch the sun come though the trees… it is like a guide to where you should go… a guiding light.

I also like it when you are walking some place you have been before and you see something new or exciting. Since I was a little kid I have loved to watch trains pass and count their cars. On our walk I saw this train go over the tracks. I have always wanted to see a train here but we never saw one before. This was a treat for me.

I am ever grateful for the blessings God shows me on these walks and the beauty all around us.  🙂

4 Comments on “When the train comes along…

  1. People who do not take walks and enjoy the beautiful things in nature are really missing out. There is so much to see and learn. Great pictures! Hugs

  2. Walking and taking pictures of new sights are a couple of my favorite things to do, too. Great pictures, and thank you for stopping by and liking my post about Michigan.

    • I am happy you like my pirctures. It is nice to see new things on a walk and I am happy we have that in common 🙂

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