Help and Ideas… (picture is not for a weak stomach)

My husband got home and found our missing chicken. 🙂  She is hurt and I need some ideas on how to help her or what to put on the wounds…. I have cleaned the areas where the feathers were pulled out, the one puncture wound, and scrape with boiled salt water that was cooled as I read to do. I then put on the antibiotic ointment and have her in the old dog crate resting with food, water (with electrolytes), and a perch. She drank a couple of times. (ok be prepared here comes the photo)

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated… Thank you …. (and sorry for the gross photo, but I thought it might help those of you who know what to do).

Loss of a Lady…

I am sad to report one of our ladies has disappeared. I am not sure how long she has been gone, but I am thinking not long as there were 10 just the other day. I am sad as this is our first lady to go of the ones we raised from babies. Hubby thinks she never went back in the coop the night before last when it was storming so bad and Chase was going crazy trying to get out into the back yard when we got home late. It may have been and something got her. But I guess life goes on with one less chicken… doesn’t mean I can’t be sad for a moment she is gone.