The lady that was injured is making a slow but steady recovery. She is eating and drinking more each day. The only issue is that she won’t come off her perch… don’t know what that is about. I guess she feels safer there, so we raised her food and water up higher so she can get to them and now she is having a ‘hay day’ eating and drinking. Her wounds seem to have closed, just waiting now to see if her feathers will grow back. We decided we will let her have some time with her sisters on Friday and see how they do with us present. We appreciate all your well wishes, concerns, ideas, and comments about the lady as she heals. Blessings to all of you who have shown such care 🙂

14 Comments on “Chickie Check In

    • You are correct. I was raised on a farm and I know in my head they are not pets they are livestok… but still it is hard when one gets hurt or goes missing.

      • Bryon raised a couple of beef cattle and a pig with a friend once. I kept my distance for just that reason. We’re attached to our chickens, as you are.

      • I am trying to remember the chickens are not pets, but some days they are so fun I forget. I also don’t like to see any animal hurt. I have a soft spot for that. When I was a kid my Dad would remind me some animals are not pets so like you I had to try to distance myself. (But sometimes it didn’t work) I hope I will be better as an adult 😉

      • Don’t be too hard on yourself if you aren’t. It’s why you are human–and humane.

    • We are not sure what animal got her, but the got her back and some of her inside wing feathers as well as one small puncture wound that is looking like it is healing. Thank you for the concern. 🙂

  1. OK, now I’m caught up it does sound like Chase was trying to get to what ever was in the chicken yard. You will have to watch closely because if the critter that got is caught it will come back.
    We had a fox that was catching the neighbors chickens about a 1/2 mile away and bringing them to her den under our barn to feed her kits. We started finding white chicken feathers and trailed her back to the neighbor.
    We’ve had coons come to the hen house and take one a night two years ago. I went from 43 chickens to 17 before we caught him. My chickens were so traumatized they started roosting in the trees. We had an old hen house with lots of soft dirt around it that they used to get in and drag the poor hens through the holes. We found two hens stuck in the holes and I was mad at the world for the suffering they went through before dying. Hubby dug a trench around the hen house, put up metal sheeting and filled in the trench with large gravel. So far so good. I’m really amazed the foxes haven’t got some of mine since ours are free range and aren’t pinned up except at night.

    • Ours have a fenced area they free range in also so they can get out. At night they are in the run and house that lock. Thanks for the input, we are keeping a watchfull eye 🙂

  2. We are so happy she is doing better. Did she do well with her sisters? Hugs

    • The sisters tried to peck at her a little, but she gave them a loud squack to stay away from her. After that she stayed to herself allowing the girls only so close. I think each time they will get more comfortable. I hope so 🙂

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