Friday Fun

I promised some more photos of the boys on our hike and here is another…

Baxter and Chase at the top of the rocks

Today they helped us keep the chickens under control while we let the hurt girl out in the yard for some exercise and to see how the other girls would react to her. Some of the chickens tried to peck at her so we stopped that, but mostly the hurt girl just stayed to herself and got verbal if the others got too close. We will keep giving her these experiences until she is healed and can go back out full-time. Until then she is in the basement pen healing and getting some rest.

The other day when coming back from the hike I saw this old barn.

If you have followed me for any length of time you have seen my old posts you know I love old barns. The fascinate me for some reason. I guess they remind me of my childhood when things were simpler, people were nicer, and the world was a less evil place to be. I remember as a kid you couldn’t dive any place without seeing a functioning farm with livestock or crops. Now they are loosing their land and the serenity of those drives is sometimes replaced with large houses and communities where those beloved farms use to sit. Still some days I am lucky enough to find an old barn I have not seen before and those lovely memories come back. I hope you all have a blessed weekend 🙂