Flowers and Chickens

The flowers in my garden are blooming and taking over. I have Shasta daisy and these black eye susans that just keep growing. I noticed this more as I have been out in tha yard and garden a lot watching the hurt chicken get use to being back in the yard with the other chickens. So far she is getting used to being in the yard, but doesn’t want the other girls too close. She mostly walks around then finds a spot to lay down.

She seems to be healing like she is supposed to as she is getting feisty when we take her in and out of the crate to go outside daily for some exercise. I think soon we can leave her out, we will just have to make sure she gets in the house at night to be locked up. Want her and the other ladies to get more comfortable with each other before we leave her out full-time as her feathers are still not back and I want to make sure they won’t peck her at night or in the AM in the coop before we let them out in the yard. Will keep you posted. Blessing of the day is the lady is healing and the weather this week has been beautiful.