Advetures in Canning

So my new hobby this year is canning. I mentioned before I think that I have tried canning corn relish, tomatoes, and jelly. Wendesday and Thursday I started to can my from scratch tomato sauce as I have so many tomatoes and the sauce has filled up the freezer (along with my home-made chicken stock: which I plan to try to can later-more to come 😉 ) I have been happy with my canning efforts so far, but want to step it up and fill up the pantry more for the coming winter. I have seen many others canning idea and have found a few more to try including apple sauce, chicken stock, and dilly beans.

Tomato sauce, corn salsa, jelly (on top), and tomatoes

My husband will tell you I can not sit still so when things quiet down I find a new hobby to fill my time. I have taken on baking, cooking, therapy dog event’s with Baxter, some agility training with Chase, cleaning, blogging, gardening (flower, fruits, and veggies), cleaning for an elderly couple once a month to help them out, numerous bible studies, and may other things. I find being busy keeps me happy and focused. My mom says I have been this way all my life… always the busy child. So we shall see where this new canning adventures take me… wish me luck 😉

(If you have any tips or canning ideas please feel free to leave them for me 🙂 )

Looking Back….

I was going though some old photos after my trip and came across these from the zoo in Nebraska we visited when we were out there in March for my Grandmother’s 80th birthday. There are some amazing animals there and this one tiger was very special.

It said he was hurt and had to lose his one leg, but has adapted and recovered well. The only issue I have with any zoo is some animals don’t seem to have enough room to roam, run, play. I know most zoos rotate which animals are outside in the free space and which ones are in the smaller spaces. It just makes me sad to not see them all in big spaces, but I guess that for some animals it’s better than the alternative and this zoo does have big outdoor spaces 🙂

There was also this one really funny ape that was playing with these stalks that look like paper streamers. He kept hiding under them then scaring the other apes as they passed or he would throw them up in the air and let them land on him. It was quite funny to watch and everyone was laughing so much. Funny how animals entertain themselves and us.

Well it is the start to another work week and I am already tired 😉 Hope this week goes smoothly for you all 🙂 Blessings 🙂

Back…Back… Back home again…

Hello all…

I know I have not posted in a few days, but we have been out-of-town and then so busy when we got back there never seemed to be time. We visited my mom again as it is inexpensive and near the beach. It was a fun trip and hubby got to do many things he likes including fishing,  visiting civil war sites (like Ft. Monroe), more fishing (boat and peer), and relaxing.

Fort Monroe from the fishing boat

I enjoyed this all as well as the putt-putt, shopping, and minimal contact with the beach as it did rain much of out trip. The boys just loved all the walks they got and being able to play with their grandma 🙂

Baxter doing a happy dance after a walk with Grandma

Since getting back from the trip we have had to get things back in order… cleaning the chicken coop, putting up a new light, organizing, cleaning, working in the yard, cleaning out the garden and planting more onions, beans, etc., and just getting the property and life back on schedule. I also returned to work and had to catch up there too. So all is well here in our neck of the woods. Hope you have a blessed week to come 🙂


Look what I caught…


Ever heard of a ribbon fish? I hadn’t until I caught one on a fishing trip we went on over the weekend. Sorry I haven’t been on in a while but we have been away visiting my mom’s neck of the woods again. Spent some time fishing and at Ft. Monroe when it was not raining. We also got to play putt-putt which I enjoy. The boys went with us and had some fun at the beach and on walks with “grandma”. We also took them on a couple walks to Mt. Trashmore and yes it is a big pile of trash they turned into a park. We had some fun and wish we could have stayed longer.

Long Cool Drink of Water

The chickens and dogs continue to enjoy the kiddy pool for water and an occassinal dip of the paws or foot. Chase especially loves the pool. He and the chickens meet around it every morning for a long cool drink of water as we try to change it out every other day to provide clean cool water for them. Having something to get up for in the morning besides work is rewarding and makes it easier to get moving. Happiness really comes for doing for other’s… people and animals alike 🙂

Happy Feet…

Ok so maybe you can’t wear these as they are, but… they make you happy and they can be worn if you take out the flowers… Happy Wednesday the week is half over 🙂

Frozen Water

I came across this photo tonight as I was searching of what to write about. I just loved how the camera captured the water moving around Chases feet. It seems to have frozen the water in motion. This was back from when we were just teaching him to be comfortable in the water. Now he is becoming a good swimmer. What a happy swimmer he is 🙂

After the hike…

A lovely sunset after a great hike… the dogs are tuckered out. The chickens are in bed… and I am heading to do some reading before sleep 🙂 Blessings 🙂


There are always mountains to climb and goals to reach… some climbs are easy, but most require effort and some falls. In these times I trust in the Lord as I can not do it on my own… I also know I have his love and the love of my husband in these times.

“If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have faith that can move mountains, but have not love, I am nothing.”

-1 Corinthians 14:5

Chicken Check

Success… Our lady has been accepted back by her sisters and is sleeping back outside in her coop. The last couple of nights we have left the hurt lady outside as it was getting dark to see if she would go back to the coop to sleep. The night before last she hid under the deck until Chase (our dog) found her and she was scared out and we put her back in the crate. Last night we couldn’t find her so we counted the chickens in the coop/house and there she was in between two other chicks trying to sleep. This morning she was a little skittish during feeding time, but seems so much better. I am so happy she joined her sisters and hopefully this will continue. Her feathers are growing back nicely. I can not tell you what a relief this is to have all 10 of our ladies back outside full-time… together 🙂

Another look at the ladies as baby chicks…

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