Thursdays Ten Blessings…

I am blessed this week for many reasons. For starters Chase is doing well with his swimming lessons and really learning how to navigate the deeper water.

Second, Baxter has moved from adolescents and into young adulthood as he is listening better and following directives from all family members.

Third, my client’s have not been too bad this week allowing me some time to get caught up at work. Forth, Hubby and I have really enjoyed being outside a lot this week hiking, working in the yard, going to the river, working in the garden, and helping the chicken reorient to the yard. Fifth, my garden is growing well and I have so many tomatoes, squash, zucchini, peppers, and beans I have had to find new things to do with them.

Some of the veggies…

This brings me to my next blessing number six that I am learning how to can. So far I have made corn salsa and strawberry preserves. I plan to try dilly beans, stewed squash, and tomato preserves. Blessing number seven is the chicken is healing nicely and adjusting to the yard.

Eight, my Dad has been blessed this week with some new equipment that should help make things a little easier for him (if you don’t know or remember my Dad lives with us and is paralyzed from the chest down). Nine, I am grateful for our wins at the olympics and all the effort the athletes are putting forth. Finally, I am grateful that my 5 day vacation is coming up at the end of this month 🙂