The hot weather was back today… The mountains had a haze on them all day. I went to help the elderly couple I clean for and then picked up a few groceries we needed since I was close to town. When I got home I let the hurt chicken out in the yard and did some canning.

I saw this plane come over the house while I was out checking on the hurt chicken.

I am hoping it will cool down soon so I can check on the garden and go for a walk before dark. I will end this post with a photo I took while we were out on a drive last weekend. A neat little farm with an unusual law ornament….

A big truck’s trailer…

It’s interesting what you come across when you least expect it. Hope you had a good start to the weekend… Happy Saturday 🙂

2 Comments on “Hot Haze…

  1. Sorry the hot weather is back at your place. Wonder why they have that trailer sitting there? Very interesting things can be found for sure when driving around. Hope you had a great weekend. Hugs

    • I wondered the same thing that is why I had to take the picture 😉 We did have a nice weekend hope you did too 🙂

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