Success… Our lady has been accepted back by her sisters and is sleeping back outside in her coop. The last couple of nights we have left the hurt lady outside as it was getting dark to see if she would go back to the coop to sleep. The night before last she hid under the deck until Chase (our dog) found her and she was scared out and we put her back in the crate. Last night we couldn’t find her so we counted the chickens in the coop/house and there she was in between two other chicks trying to sleep. This morning she was a little skittish during feeding time, but seems so much better. I am so happy she joined her sisters and hopefully this will continue. Her feathers are growing back nicely. I can not tell you what a relief this is to have all 10 of our ladies back outside full-time… together 🙂

Another look at the ladies as baby chicks…

27 Comments on “Chicken Check

  1. Great to hear that things are turning out well for her, must be a sigh of relief for you as well.

  2. Terrific news!! Sounds like that lady is headed back to a full recovery. Hugs

  3. That is such good news!! Great outcome, thanks to your hard work taking care of her – as any good chookie-mamma should 🙂

  4. So good to hear the chickens are back together again! What happened to the poor girl? My apologies – I didn’t see anything on the blog, but we’re trying to learn everything we can from others as we embark on this whole chicken adventure.

    • A couple weeks ago I posted about her (if you didn’t go back far enought you wouldn’t have seen the post so I understand 😉 )as she had been gotten by an animal (we think a dog) and it shreaded her feathers on her back and under her wings and we think blinded her in one eye. There was also a puncture wound. We found her a day later in a bush (on our neighbors property) and nursed her back to health. If you ever have a chicken hurt let me know and I will let you know what we used and did. Hubby wanted to eat her, but after a day or so outside on her own with no food, she was not eatable (I am not sure I wanted her eaten 😦 ) So now she is trying to be accepted back by the sisters full time and adjust back to life.

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